An entirely new way to make safe, secure, and convenient payments to your suppliers.



What is PTPay+

PTPay+ is an entirely new way to make safe, secure, and convenient payments to your suppliers.PTPay+ is Powered by Payrix to deliver you world-class security and PCI compliance, ensuring your financial information remains safe.

Pay Any Supplier
PTPay+ allows you to easily pay suppliers by creating a new way to make payments to suppliers not on account.

No More Checks
No need to call suppliers to make payments. With PTPay+ you can pay suppliers directly within PartsTrader via credit card, debit card, or ACH. No more checks!

Quick, Simple, Secure
PTPay+ speeds up the payment process by allowing you to store your preferred payment methods securely with Payrix. Easily save your most frequently used credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts, for quick and secure future payments.

Full Payment History
With PTPay+ you can view your full payment history in seconds. Sort by amount, date, supplier, payment method, or payment status. With PTPay+ you can export your entire payment history in just one 1-click.

Is PTPay+ secure?

Yes! PTPay+ uses Payrix, a best-of-breed, licensed payment facilitator, to securely process all transactions. Payrix offers security, PCI compliance and fraud detection to keep your payments safe.

Can any repairer use PTPay+?

Yes. Any repairer using PartsTrader will be able to make payments with PTPay+ to all participating suppliers.

Who in my company can use PTPay+?

Anyone who is assigned the new Payment Manager role can use PTPay+ to make payments. We recommend that you assign this role only to people in your company who are financially responsible for paying suppliers.

Are there any fees to use PTPay+?

No, as a repairer you do not have to pay any fees.

How do I start using PTPay+?

PTPay+ is coming soon – right now we’re registering interested users in your area.

If you have a PartsTrader login you can register here. If you do not have a PartsTrader login use this link instead.

We’ll notify you when PTPay+ becomes available.

You’ll also be entered into our PTPay+ Sweepstakes to win a $200 gift card. Sweepstakes details including terms and conditions can be found here.

For more detail and full sweepstakes rules please visit our Sweepstakes Rules page.


Can I use our usual credit card to make payments?

Yes. You can use any valid credit card you choose. Just enter the card details and optionally select to save the card details for future payments.

I normally pay suppliers with a traditional check, can I still use PTPay+?

Yes. PTPay+ supports electronic bank transfer (ACH) which is a convenient and simple alternative to traditional paper checks.

Can I get refunded via PTPay+?

Yes! Suppliers can view their payment history and quickly and easily refund payments as required.

Does PartsTrader store my credit card/bank account information?

No. PartsTrader doesn’t store any credit card or bank information. All card and bank information is sent directly to our payment facilitator, Payrix. Payrix stores your card information securely, and the details are masked from PartsTrader at all times.

Which of my suppliers can I make payments to?

Any participating suppliers can receive payments via PTPay+. Suppliers that are set up to receive payments via PTPay+ will show through a search on the payment page. If they aren’t set up, please let them know that you’d like them to register.

Additionally, you will be able to tell if a supplier uses PTPay+ from their quote or when you’re about to place an order with them as it will show you the payment methods they will accept for the order.

Will I be limited to paying for parts that I have purchased through PartsTrader?

No. You will be able to pay for any parts, regardless of whether they have been ordered through PartsTrader or not.

Can I pay individual invoices and monthly statements?

Yes. Just enter the appropriate invoice or statement number as the reference, and the amount you need to pay.