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An entirely new way to make safe, secure, and convenient payments to your suppliers.

PTPay+ is Powered by Payrix to deliver you world-class security and PCI compliance, ensuring your financial information remains safe.


Pay Any Supplier

With PTPay+ you can make payments to any supplier on the PartsTrader platform without needing to set up an account, making transactions easy and efficient.

Full Payment History

View your full payment history in seconds. Sort by amount, date, supplier, payment method, or payment status. And with PTPay+ you can export your entire payment history in just 1-click.

No More Checks

With PTPay+ the days of needing to call suppliers to make payments are over. Now, you can simply pay suppliers directly within PartsTrader via credit card, debit card, or ACH. No more checks means greater efficiency, saving you time and money.

Quick, Simple, Secure

PTPay+ speeds up the payment process by allowing you to store your preferred payment methods securely with Payrix. Save your most frequently used credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts for quick and secure future payments.

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