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A safe, secure and convenient way to accept payment from repairers.

PTPay+ is Powered by Payrix to deliver you world-class security and PCI compliance, ensuring your financial information remains safe.

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No More Checks

No need to take payments over the phone or track down checks. With PTPay+ you can receive payments online via credit card, debit card, or ACH—which means no more manually processing payments.

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Quick, Simple, Secure

PTPay+ saves you time and effort by allowing you to receive all of your payments online and in one secure place. Additionally, using PTPay+ means you’re no longer responsible for storing your repairer's sensitive financial information. Your repairers can even use PTPay+ to make payments for parts purchased from you outside of PartsTrader.

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Full Payment History

With PTPay+ you can view your full payment history in seconds. Sort by amount, date, repairer, payment method, or payment status. And you can export your entire payment history in just 1-click.

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