How PartsTrader Works

We leverage the latest technology to provide an intuitive platform to bring together repairers, suppliers and carriers into one efficient ecosystem. We connect parts supplers with thousands of new customers and give repairers access to the right part for the right price every time.

Shop Management

By integrating with leading shop management programs, PartsTrader users can easily track repairs and their parts expenditures.


The estimate is where every collision claim begins. By integrating with the leading estimating systems, PartsTrader can ensure that your parts order meets the insurance carrier’s parts policy.

Inventory Management

When a part supplier uses one of our inventory management integrations, the supplier can quote faster and access more part requests.

OEM Support

An integration with the leading OEM support program allows OE parts to be competitive with aftermarket and recycled parts.

Integration Partners

Simplify Workflow

PartsTrader works with industry-leading technology providers. Integrations with these partners simplify the workflow for both repair shops and parts suppliers, ensuring a seamless and consistent data flow between different software platforms.

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