Last Updated: April 19th, 2021

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (this “Policy”) describes how PartsTrader, LLC (“PartsTrader”) collects, uses and shares personal information of certain persons, customers, third parties, and users of its website (each referred to below as “you,” or “your”). This Policy addresses practices of PartsTrader in connection with its website, services, hiring, marketing and selected other ancillary activities. Capitalized terms used in this Policy, but not defined, shall have the meaning given in the PartsTrader User Agreement – Base Terms and Conditions.

Privacy is Our Priority

Privacy should not be an afterthought.

At PartsTrader, your privacy is our priority. We at PartsTrader value our customer partnerships and are committed to data privacy and following principles:

  1. We do not share your data with CarFax.
  2. We do not share your data with Auto Check.
  3. We do not share or sell confidential data to any company whose business and mission is to report vehicle history.
  4. We do not sell personally identifying information to mailing list companies or spammy web sites.
  5. When we do use and share information, it is to provide our services to our customers, improve our products and services, and better understand our business and industry.
  6. To protect security, the estimatic information is encrypted before being sent to PartsTrader.
  7. Repairers may uninstall the data extract application if they so desire.
  8. PartsTrader is committed to a level playing field, so end user license agreements and terms are the same for all repairers.

Description of Information Obtained by PartsTrader

In the case of our customers and users, PartsTrader only collects information related to providing, improving and promoting our own products and services.

PartsTrader may obtain information regarding you, including the following categories and examples of information.

  1. Information from Company Registration

  2. The following information is obtained from companies that register with PartsTrader:

    1. Personal name, company name, email address, facsimile number, telephone number, web address, post office box, or street address.
    2. Username and password for accounts.
    3. Preferences, including account settings, opt-ins for receipt of correspondence and emails.
    4. Tax identification numbers.
  3. Information Generated from the Use of the PartsTrader Platform

    1. Comments, feedback and ratings of other users.
    2. Terms and conditions of transactions, including prices, delivery terms and other terms.
    3. User preferences, including preferences regarding counterparties.
    4. Prices of vehicle parts and supplies.
    5. Insurance claim information, including insurance claim number.
    6. Selected vehicle information.
    7. History of calls to the PartsTrader help desk, attendance at webinars or training sessions, and visits to any of the PartsTrader booths at trade shows.
  4. Information from Automated Online Tracking and Collection Technologies

  5. Site use information, including use of links, internet protocol addresses, browser information, operating, and date and time of use of the PartsTrader website; internet service provider, device type, browser type, and operating system; information regarding user mobiles devices, such as SIM card information, phone number, and other technical communications and device information.

Method of Collection

PartsTrader may use the following information and data collection methods. See the PartsTrader Cookie Policy for additional descriptions of the types of information obtained by user tracking technologies.

  1. Automatic Data Collection

    1. Data collected from PartsTrader servers, or servers hosted by a third party.
    2. Cookies, web beacons (also known as pixel tags or clear gifs).
    3. Third-party advertisers may also use cookies, web beacons, or other similar technologies
    4. Third-party analytics services, such as Google analytics, which uses cookies.
    5. Files placed on your computer, tablet, mobile phone, or other devices that allow PartsTrader and PartsTrader’s partners to record certain pieces of information whenever you visit or interact with PartsTrader services.
  2. Data Provided by You

  3. When registering for the use of the PartsTrader Platform, or otherwise providing information for mailing lists, marketing lists or other user purposes, the following are examples and categories of data collected from you.

    1. Data collected via telephone, hardcopy or personal conversations with PartsTrader staff.
    2. Data posted by you in comment boxes, ratings, surveys and other online information collection methods.
    3. Use of any messaging or other communications service included in the PartsTrader Program.
    4. Data input as part of any user-generated online profile within the PartsTrader Platform.
  4. Information from Third Parties

  5. PartsTrader may obtain information from third parties as follows.

    1. Third-party licensors of data, including data regarding automobile makes, models and parts.
    2. Market research data.
    3. Mailing lists.
    4. Information from any government.
    5. Analytics and user computer, cell phone, and software information from companies such as Google or online analytic software or service providers.
    6. Credit bureau reports.
    7. Monitoring of transactions and collections of data when you engage in transactions using the PartsTrader Platform.
    8. Third-party payment service providers, including banks and credit card firms.
    9. Online searches.

How PartsTrader Uses Your Information

  1. As a market maker for products, PartsTrader must incorporate many types of data into its system to ensure proper communication, transaction processing, and integration of multiple sources of third-party information, including the operation of the PartsTrader website and services.
  2. Targeting of advertising to persons and users who might have an interest in the PartsTrader Platform.
  3. Facilitating payments for transactions conducted using the PartsTrader Platform, or payment to PartsTrader for PartsTrader products and services.
  4. Providing advertisements and information about the PartsTrader Platform, including updates and improvements to PartsTrader products, services, business operations and marketing.
  5. Analyzing data to better understand market, the dynamics of collision insurance and repair, and other purposes related to PartsTrader business.
  6. Managing records to facilitate PartsTrader billings and general business support of its products and operations.
  7. Communicating with users and customers, including repairers and suppliers.
  8. Preventing fraud, maintaining security of the PartsTrader Platform, and facilitating contract and legal compliance by PartsTrader and contractual counterparties.
  9. Maintaining the PartsTrader Platform and web site.
  10. Maintaining quality control and debugging errors in the software underlying the PartsTrader Platform.
  11. Complying with any legal obligation.
  12. Compiling data as part of a file of aggregated data for purposes of analysis and operations. This data may be de-identified as required by contract or law.
  13. Providing users with ratings, rankings and feedback; evaluating transactional history and user behavior to improve the efficiency and perceived fairness of the actions of various types of users on the PartsTrader Platform.
  14. Authenticating of log-in or other access events involving the PartsTrader Platform.
  15. Contacting users, customers and other necessary third parties, whether via telephone, facsimile, email, social media, or through the PartsTrader Platform.
  16. Allowing you to register for events.
  17. Communicating with you about your account, activities on PartsTrader Platform, Policy changes, and events.
  18. Undertaking activities to verify or maintain the quality or safety of a service or device.
  19. Measuring interest and engagement in the PartsTrader’s Platform.
  20. Research of technological developments.
  21. Improving, upgrading or enhancing the PartsTrader Platform and services.
  22. Ensuring internal quality control.
  23. Detecting security incidents, verifying identify, and protecting against malicious, deceptive, fraudulent or illegal activity.
  24. Debugging to identify and repair errors that impair existing intended functionality.
  25. Enforcing PartsTrader’s terms and policies.
  26. Creating de-identified and aggregated information and files from personal information and other data about you, including de-identified demographic information, de-identified location information, information about the computer or device from which you access the PartsTrader Platform, or other PartsTrader analysis.

Disclosing Your Information to Third Parties

PartsTrader shares repairer and auto parts supplier information to provide its services to its customers, service providers, and business partners.

We appreciate your need for privacy and security, and work with these parties (whether in or outside of the U.S.) to prevent unnecessary risks in the protection and sharing of your information. This includes reviewing relationships to determine whether these parties take their own privacy and security obligations seriously.

PartsTrader will not knowingly do business directly with an entity that it believes is not appropriately working to protect customer information.

PartsTrader works to share only that information that is necessary to complete a transaction or provide a service, and no more.

These types of entities may include the following:

  1. Technology firms, including information technology and related services, data and payment processors, data analytics firms, customer service providers, cloud storage firms, and software development firms.
  2. Insurance underwriters, suppliers and repairers using the PartsTrader platform.
  3. PartsTrader’s affiliated companies, including in some cases unless otherwise limited by agreement between you and PartsTrader, those located in New Zealand.
  4. Investors in, or acquirors of, PartsTrader, all of which transactions will be subject to confidentiality obligations that will protect your information

The types of information these entities might receive include the following:

  1. Registration data or information from individuals to enable them to use our products and services.
  2. Online tracking tools that collect information regarding your activities and your device (for example, your IP address, mobile identifiers, pages visited, location, time of day). Advertising partners may use this information (and similar information collected from other websites) to deliver targeted advertisements to you.
  3. Information to permit PartsTrader to relay messages sent to and from users.
  4. Information to: comply with law enforcement or national security requests and legal process, such as a court order or subpoena; enforce PartsTrader’s policies or contracts; or investigate or prosecute suspected or actual illegal activity.
  5. Reports or analytics that include aggregated de-identified business or personally identifiable information.

Your Choices

You have certain choices about your information.

  1. Opt-out. You may opt out and unsubscribe to any marketing related emails. See [email protected].

    You may not opt out of communication from PartsTrader that may be non-promotional and concern PartsTrader and PartsTrader’s services and the PartsTrader Platform. Even if you opt out, PartsTrader may still collect and use non-personal information regarding your activities on PartsTrader’s services and for other legal purposes as described above.

  2. Legally-mandated choices. To the extent required by applicable state and Federal law, PartsTrader will: place names on do-not-mail, do-not-phone and do-not-contact lists; provide you with the right to the deletion of personally identifiable information; and provide copies of information that is both personally identifiable and non-anonymized.
  3. Account holder information. If you have an active user account as a repairer, supplier, or insurer, you may update contact information and other settings as permitted by the PartsTrader Platform.

Data Retention and Rights

PartsTrader stores personal information that PartsTrader receives as described in this Policy for as long as you use the PartsTrader Platform or as long as PartsTrader determines in its discretion that such information would be helpful to improve its products or services, provide insights into its users and customers, or better understand the market and industry for its products and services. PartsTrader may retain or delete information to comply with applicable laws and contracts, facilitate audits, prevent fraud, or address current or potential disputes. PartsTrader will use commercially reasonable efforts to honor requests for deletion of personally identifiable information. PartsTrader might not delete information if (1) deleting such information would reveal personal identifiable information about another individual, or (2) you request deletion of information that PartsTrader is required by applicable law, including legal obligations relating to contracts, to maintain. PartsTrader cannot guaranty or warrant that such information will be deleted after it has been transmitted or otherwise provided to any third party. PartsTrader may assert ownership rights over data to the extent permitted by law and PartsTrader is not, through this Policy, ceding an ownership or other rights in any data or information, including any of your data or information. PartsTrader does not guaranty or warrant the privacy or confidentiality or privacy of any information other as may be provided in this Policy or any written agreement binding on PartsTrader.

Security of Your Information

PartsTrader uses reasonable efforts to secure information from you, consistent with this Policy. Such efforts include measures to protect against accidental loss, unauthorized access or use. PartsTrader does not ensure or warrant the security or integrity of any information (1) you provide to PartsTrader, including information maintained on the PartsTrader Platform or elsewhere, (2) provided to third parties, or (3) information while being transmitted, whether to third parties or to any affiliate of PartsTrader. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, PartsTrader does not accept liability for unintentional disclosure or misuse; disclosure or misuse in any way related to your negligence, or your failure to maintain the security of any passwords or access to your account or any function on the PartsTrader Platform. You assume any risks in the failure of any security or third-party misuse of your information and acknowledge that use of the PartsTrader Platform and provision of your information to PartsTrader is at your own risk. If you believe that the security of any of your information is compromised, you should immediately contact PartsTrader as provided below.

Changes to the Policy

PartsTrader may revise this Policy from time to time in PartsTrader’s discretion. PartsTrader may elect, in its discretion, to notify you of changes to this Policy other than through a posting of such revised Policy on the PartsTrader website. Regardless of the delivery or posting of any notice of Policy changes, you shall be deemed to have accepted the updated Privacy if you continue to use the PartsTrader Platform after the revised Policy has been posted by PartsTrader online. To the extent required by applicable law, as determined by PartsTrader, PartsTrader will provide additional notice and opportunities for consent to such changes. Unless stated otherwise by PartsTrader in such revised Policy, the revised Policy shall supersede and replace any prior Policy.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about PartsTrader’s privacy practices or this Policy, or if you wish to submit a request to exercise your rights as detailed in this Policy, please contact PartsTrader at:

PartsTrader, LLC
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