PartsTrader Data Privacy Statement
A message from PartsTrader to our valued customers:

There has been an increasing concern in the collision industry about the use and security of estimate data by various vendors. The main concern is around the sharing of data with vehicle history reporting companies.

Let us be clear: PartsTrader does not and has never provided or sold data to CarFax, Auto Check or any other vehicle history reporting company.    

The estimate data we use in our product is limited to the information required for sourcing parts. This includes the information relating to the vehicle, the parts that are required and the insurer associated with the estimate. To ensure security the information is always converted to a consistent BMS format and encrypted before being sent to PartsTrader. Unlike other approaches in the industry the original files are not sent to PartsTrader.

Repairers can choose which insurers jobs they want to import to PartsTrader and are free to uninstall the data extract application completely if they so desire.

Additionally, PartsTrader has always believed in a level playing field, so End User License Agreements and Terms are the same for all repairers

We at PartsTrader value our customer partnerships and are committed to protecting data privacy.

Should you have any further questions, please call 855-932-7278.