Welcome Fix Auto Shops

Use the PartsTrader platform for sourcing and ordering of collision parts as part of the workflow for your requesting quotes and ordering parts for your repair jobs.

The PartsTrader Difference

Real-Time & Dynamic

Unlike other parts inventory management systems that source pricing from static, outdated databases, PartsTrader is the only online, real-time platform that delivers an open, competitive marketplace and provides dynamic parts pricing and availability for every part on the estimate.

6 Simple Steps to Success

1. Mark Estimates

Ensure that all estimates are marked for your carrier in your estimating system. This enables auto-exporting from your estimating system into PartsTrader.

2. Request Quotes

Send jobs out for quotes through PartsTrader to search for parts. In return, you’ll receive quotes from multiple suppliers competing for your business.

3. Choose Parts

Choose the best parts for the job by comparing quotes. You determine which provides the best combination of price, part type and delivery.

4. Adjust Estimate

Update OE list prices for any price matched parts within PartsTrader.

5. Order through PartsTrader

Order all parts through PartsTrader. Parts will be delivered to your shop, allowing you to complete the job.

6. Export to Estimate

Export your parts ordering data back to PartsTrader.

What to Expect

Welcome Call

PartsTrader will call your repair shop to welcome you. Your Customer Care Representative will help you get your account set up and ready to begin using the platform.

Schedule Training

Customer Care will work with you to schedule training. During the training session, you’ll learn best practices as well as tips and tricks to use the platform effectively and efficiently.

Use PartsTrader

Export your estimates and start using the PartsTrader platform – it’s that simple. If you’re an existing user or have been through training, you can start using PartsTrader right away.


Does the carrier require my collision shop to use PartsTrader for their jobs?

Yes, use of the PartsTrader platform to search, compare and purchase collision parts is required by your carrier partner.

When does my shop need to start using PartsTrader for my carrier's jobs?

The specific date to start using the PartsTrader platform will be in the welcome email from PartsTrader.

Has there been any changes made to the carrier's parts policy?

There is no change to the carrier’s parts policy and, as always, carriers and Fix Auto remain committed to completing repairs with quality parts at a reasonable price.

Why is the carrier doing this?

Many carriers believe that the use of PartsTrader will benefit their collision repair partners. Data shows that PartsTrader can deliver a significant reduction in part returns and time savings by not having to make multiple phone calls to source parts.

Why should I participate?

PartsTrader’s search and compare competitive quoting process ensures that a full range of valid parts options can be considered including price, quality, delivery time and supplier reputation.

Will the carrier see my buy prices?

Your buy price on non-recycled parts will not be shared with the carrier.

Will the carrier know if I am using the PartsTrader platform?

Carriers will monitor usage for compliance to ensure that the process is utilized by your location.

Will I need to change how I currently use the PartsTrader platform?

Repairers should continue to write a competitive estimate including alternative parts before sending the quote request out from PartsTrader.

I'm new to PartsTrader. How will I learn how to use it?

Information on Training can be found in the training section below.  Additionally, your PartsTrader Customer Care representative will help you schedule training during your welcome call. You can also schedule one-on-one training sessions by calling the PartsTrader Customer Care Center at any time you feel the need for additional training.

Who can I speak with regarding these changes to the network program?

Please contact Fix Auto Corporate with questions regarding this transition.

Where can I get additional help regarding PartsTrader?

You can always reach out to the PartsTrader Customer Care Center by calling 855-932-7278 (855-WEB-PART) or sending us an email at [email protected].

When is the PartsTrader Customer Care Center open?

PartsTrader Customer Care is open Monday through Friday, 5 am to 9 pm Central and Saturdays from 8 am to 3 pm Central.


Best Practices

Whether you are a new user or a seasoned pro, training is a great way to ensure that you’re using the application effectively when searching and comparing collision parts. PartsTrader offers Fix Auto location participants several options to learn how to put the PartsTrader application to use.

Greater Efficiency

PartsTrader training is designed to ensure users can work effectively and efficiently in the PartsTrader application. During sessions, participants can ask the instructor questions to ensure the student fully understands the PartsTrader process.

Quality Quotes

It doesn't matter is you're an occasional user or a power user, these best practices will ensure high quality quotes and parts orders that meet your carrier’s parts policy requirements. Learn strategies and tactics to maximize your effectiveness when using the PartsTrader application.

Training Dates

PartsTrader offers training sessions for beginners and power users. Details about training are in your welcome email from PartsTrader. Training sessions last 60 minutes and can be repeated.


Note. Adjust. Review.

Staying within your insurance partner's guidelines is easy when you document your parts selection decisions. Download the PDF, watch the video or read below to learn how.

Notate Purchase Decisions

Use the Insurer Note

PartsTrader automatically selects the lowest priced quote for each part after applying a filter using your direct repair network parts policy. When selecting a higher priced part for the repair, notate your reason using the Insurer Note dropdown menu.This will appear automatically and be required when a higher priced part quote is selected. This information will be visible to your DRP representative reviewing this job. You can also refer to this information should you need to in the future. Select Other if the predefined reasons do not clearly explain your decision and type in your own explanation.

Price Match with Adjust Estimate

Update List Price to reflect matched price

Select either “Price Matched” or “Not preferred supplier” then adjust the list price of the part. This will record a price matched list price in PartsTrader and that price will be sent to your estimate when you click Export to Estimate.

Review Part Selections


Selected part quotes are the most cost effective when considering price, quality, delivery time, and any other relevant details.


Insurer notes accurately explain why selecting a more expensive part is the right choice.


Tools to help you perform better


A new Tech Tip is published to the PartsTrader social accounts including Twitter.  These tips help you use the PartsTrader platform more effectively.

#TechTipTuesday on Twitter

Price Matching Guide

Use this guide when price matching within PartsTrader. Dealers using CollisionLink can quickly quote with price matched parts.

Open Guide

Compliance Guide Video

This short video will review how to ensure that you are able to effectively inform your insurance partner why part decisions were made.

Play Video

Repairer Quick Guide

This document will assist repairers in remembering the basic steps needed to take a job from beginning to the end of the PartsTrader process.

Open Guide

Guide for Insurance DRP Jobs

This guide explains the PartsTrader platform functionality for use with your insurance DRP jobs.

Open Guide

Cost Savings Tool

Input data about your shop and learn how much margin you’re leaving on the table.

Go to Calculator or
Download Spreadsheet Calculator

Guide for Adding Suppliers

Want to add a supplier to your Preferred list or get a supplier on PartsTrader? Use this guide to learn what to do.

Open Guide

Contact Training

If you want additional training on how to use the PartsTrader platform and best practices, contact our Training team.

Request Training

Where can I get additional help regarding PartsTrader?

Reach out to the PartsTrader Customer Care Center by calling 855-932-7278 (855-WEB-PART) or sending an email to [email protected].

When is the PartsTrader Customer Care Center open?

PartsTrader Customer Care is open Monday through Friday, 5 am to 9 pm Central and Saturdays from 8 am to 3 pm Central.

Need Assistance?

If you have any questions, you can reach the PartsTrader Customer Care Center at (855) 932-7278, Monday through Friday 5 am – 9 pm CST and on Saturdays from 8 am to 3 pm CST