Ready to reduce severity and improve accuracy? We thought so. The new PartsTrader product is the industry’s first instant parts information platform based on actual real market quotes and live inventory feeds from suppliers.

How does this product differ from the current PartsTrader platform?

PartsTrader current platform is for estimates written by the repairer. This new product will allow you to access the other half of the market where the insurance carrier writes the estimate.

How does this product differ from other products in the market?

Unlike other products, his new product provides a clear path to order your part in PartsTrader.

Where is PartsTrader getting my price from?

The new product will use your previously quoted list price.

How long will I need to honor this price?

30 days from the date of your quote

What if I no longer have the part in stock?

This only applies if you have the part in stock—we understand that parts are sold all the time.

Do you show any other info about my part?

Your part grading and part description will be included.

Is my participation mandatory?

While we are encouraging all suppliers to opt-in in order to maximize your sales potential, it is not mandatory.

How long do I have to make the decision if I want to Opt-in?

You can opt-in at any time by emailing us [email protected] or calling our customer care team at 855-932-7278 to get you all set up.

What happens if I do NOT agree to opt-in?

Your information will not be shared with users and you will not have access to the larger amount of business potentially available in your market.

What if I want to opt-out in the future?

Please e-mail [email protected] or call 855-932-7278 and we can document your request and have it processed.

Want to opt-in? Head here to get started.