Why SurePart?

  • Instant Parts Pricing
  • Actual Market Quotes
  • Live Inventory Feeds
  • Guaranteed Prices

Request a demo today and see how SurePart can increase accuracy and reduce cycle times.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SurePart?

SurePart is a ground-breaking parts pricing platform which provides appraisers with instant, competitive part pricing for carrier written estimates.

What are the benefits of SurePart?

By using live inventory feeds, SurePart delivers greater accuracy and reduces cycle times. SurePart also features the same competitive tension that drives the PartsTrader Marketplace, optimizing part pricing.

What are the key features of SurePart?

  • Participating suppliers guarantee their pricing for 30 days.
  • A carrier’s part policy is automatically applied to all part searches.
  • Phantom parts are automatically filtered out.
  • SurePart only returns parts from suppliers that deliver to the vehicle’s location.
  • SurePart provides comprehensive part quality and certification details.

Can I get a SurePart demo?

Absolutely! Simply click here to sign up for a live demo with a PartsTrader sales representative and see why appraisers are flocking to SurePart.

How do I start using SurePart?

Fill out our contact form and call us at 855-932-7278 and a sales representative will be able to answer any questions and help you get started.

Is SurePart available now?

Yes. You can demo and start using SurePart today by simply filling out our contact form here.

Workflow FAQs

Where is SurePart pulling prices from?

SurePart provides prices from both recent quotes provided by suppliers via the PartsTrader marketplace and live pricing directly from the supplier’s inventory management systems.  

All recycled pricing is sourced from supplier’s inventory management systems. Because recycled parts are unique, providing live pricing is the most accurate way to represent these parts. 

What Suppliers Will SurePart Return Pricing From?

SurePart always returns pricing from alternative suppliers that deliver to the location of the vehicle.

Optionally, if these suppliers don’t have any parts available, SurePart can automatically perform a nationwide search – if carriers choose to have this option enabled. This can be enabled by request to Customer Care.

Am I required to write the estimate a certain way to use SurePart?

No, you can write all estimates as you normally do.

How Can I Find a Claim?

The easiest way to locate a claim is via the Search feature at the top of the SurePart screen.

The dashboard also shows a list of claims with the most recently imported claim shown at the top.

Which search terms can be used to locate a claim in SurePart?

You can locate a claim by searching by the claim number, VIN, vehicle year, make, and/or model.

Can I refresh the pricing on claim I previously uploaded to SurePart?

Yes, by clicking the “Refresh Pricing” button. The star icon indicates what new pricing options are available.

What details are required on an estimate to export it to SurePart

Estimates will need to contain the following information to be successfully exported into SurePart:

  1. Insurer Details (Insurer Name)
  2. Vehicle Details (Vehicle Year, Make, and Model)
  3. One or more parts which need to be replaced.

Can I change my part selections that I previously made in SurePart?

Yes, you can change your selections in SurePart. To do this, you can locate your claim from the dashboard or search for the claim using the claim number, VIN, or vehicle year, make, and model.

Once you have opened the claim, you can change and save your selection prior to copying the details back to your estimate.

To learn more about SurePart or request a demo, contact us.