Supply Chain Shortages Make Catalog Databases More Problematic Than Ever

POSTED December 9, 2021

We’ve all read about the supply chain issues impacting the collision repair industry. A “perfect storm’” of delays in both OEM and aftermarket parts production and delivery may have, according to our friends at Enterprise Rent a Car, contributed to significant increases in repairable length of rental. The causes of these parts issues are multifaceted, from the suspended production of OEM parts because of lower vehicle assembly, to the delays at the ports unloading parts containers from overseas. The problem has become more prevalent in the most recent quarter and collision repairers and insurers are looking for ways to navigate through the issues.

One glaring issue we see in the parts arena is the industry’s reliance on catalog database pricing. Simply put, locating parts and prices via a data tape catalog system is fraught with problems. The pricing is at best 30 days old and there is no way to rely on the fact that the part actually is currently in stock. The issue is magnified now as we see more frequent pricing and inventory changes due to our current supply issues. The need to source accurately the parts and their delivery times at the current market price (vs the stale catalog price) is necessary to improve cycle time and reduce supplementation.

In the PartsTrader system, the competitive tension of the bidding process results in the best option of pricing and delivery and – perhaps most importantly in this environment – verifies availability for all part types. Additionally, PartsTrader offers customers a part locator service that expands the search capabilities beyond the typical search radius to assist in finding those locally back-ordered parts.

Just another way that PartsTrader is helping businesses navigate through today’s complicated markets!

PartsTrader has access to over 9,000 suppliers, offering unparalleled access to part inventories. Having problems locating parts? Give PartsTrader a try!

Greg Horn
Greg Horn is PartsTrader’s
Chief Innovation Officer.

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