Are You Missing Out on the Online Marketplace Revolution?

POSTED March 31, 2021

The online marketplace has fundamentally changed the way we purchase goods. Today, most of us engage regularly in purchases through Amazon or Expedia and, of course, eBay. Even large consumer items, like automobiles, are being sold via online marketplaces like Carvana, and consumers couldn’t be happier.

We’ve come a long way since August 12, 1994, when one of the first records of an online purchase was chronicled in a New York Times article, appropriately titled “the Internet is Open”. The article followed the sale, between two friends, of a Sting CD. The article read, in part, “The team of young cyberspace entrepreneurs celebrated what was apparently the first retail transaction on the Internet using a readily available version of powerful data encryption software designed to guarantee privacy.” 

Over the last decade, the number of online marketplaces has exploded, and with good reason: when a marketplace can benefit the consumer through better choice and competitive pricing, and the supplier gains access to more customers, you have a true win-win situation. Additionally, these digital marketplaces are able to provide far greater information about things like delivery options and quality.

So, there’s no doubt that online marketplaces have provided huge advantages to both buyers and sellers. The question is, are you using the PartsTrader online marketplace to procure your collision parts? If not, you’re missing out on all of these advantages!

PartsTrader’s fastest growing business segment is independent use by collision repairers. Repairers have come to realize that PartsTrader is a convenient way to use one single site to procure all part types, including OEM, at competitive prices. In addition, they gain access to delivery options that meet their needs — and there’s no cost for repairers to use the PartsTrader system to obtain competitive quotes and order parts.

If you use online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay to buy goods in your personal life, why wouldn’t you use PartsTrader’s competitive marketplace to improve your business?

Greg Horn
Greg Horn is PartsTrader’s
Chief Innovation Officer. 

Blake Douglass - AUTHOR