Understanding the Future of Automotive Recycling: An Insightful Discussion with Greg Horn & Chris Daglis

POSTED September 15, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of automotive recycling, understanding the nuances and opportunities is crucial. Chris Douglas, an ex-automotive recycler turned industry influencer, delves deep into these topics in his latest episode of “The Automotive Recyclers Experience.”

In this enlightening interview, Chris sits down with Greg Horn, the Chief Innovation Officer at PartsTrader. Together, they explore the pivotal role of data in shaping the future of automotive recycling and the myriad opportunities it presents.

Key Takeaways from the Interview:

  1. The Power of Data: Greg emphasizes the transformative power of data. From driving innovations like AI to offering insights into supplier trends, data is at the heart of PartsTrader’s operations.
  2. Building Trust through Accurate Part Grading: The duo discusses the importance of accurate part grading in building trust with customers. A consistent grading system, as endorsed by ARA, ensures that parts meet or exceed customer expectations.
  3. The Triad of the Industry: PartsTrader isn’t just beneficial for insurance companies. It serves as a bridge between insurers, repairers, and part suppliers, ensuring a seamless flow of operations and maximizing benefits for all parties involved.
  4. Embracing Opportunities: With the automotive recycling industry still underutilizing recycled parts, there’s a vast untapped potential. Chris and Greg discuss strategies to harness this potential, from understanding OEM parts providers’ strategies to optimizing the supply chain.
  5. A Glimpse into the Future: The conversation touches upon the future trends in the automotive recycling industry. From the challenges posed by chip shortages to the opportunities presented by new technologies, the future looks promising for automotive recyclers.


Wrapping Up

The automotive recycling industry is at a crossroads, with technology and data driving its evolution. As PartsTrader continues to innovate and offer solutions, it’s clear that the industry is set for a transformative journey.

For a deeper dive into these insights and more, watch the full video above. And stay tuned for more enlightening discussions on “The Automotive Recyclers Experience.”

Greg Horn - AUTHOR
Greg is the Chief Innovation Officer at PartsTrader, overseeing our Product portfolio and leading data analytics. Formerly the Vice President at Mitchell International, he held senior positions in auto insurance claims at The Hartford, GMAC Insurance, National Grange Mutual, and Leader National Transport. Greg actively serves in industry organizations like the Collision Industry Foundation and has a passion for cars, having owned over 56. Greg holds degrees in Business Administration and German.